From: Christine M. Smith (smithy@maine.rr.com)
Tue Oct 12 13:01:25 1999

I found your response to Igor very interesting. With your background, maybe you can answer a question I have about diet.

Why is it that a low residue/fiber diet works well for those who have bowel adhesions? (and other bowel problems but apparently not IBS) The reason I ask this is because high fiber is supposed to make the action of the bowel easier. This is what my doctor told me in his attempt to promote a high fiber diet. He said the bowel has to work harder to move contents along when there is low residue. So you would think in the case of bowel adhesions, the bowel working harder (with low fiber diet) would cause the adhesions to pull and cause pain. But this isn't how it seems to work! It seems that a high fiber diet causes more pain!

Chris S.

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