Peggy: If your out there reading....

From: Ginny King (
Thu Oct 7 18:16:09 1999

Hi Peggy,

I have not seen you post lately and read where you thought about not remaining on the forum. If your out there reading...I would hope that you find it in your heart to come back. As you read in my previous post, I had trouble understanding where Igor was coming from but I have decided that this forum is too important to me as a whole to leave. I need the support. One thing I am surrounded by is healthy positive people. This can be wonderful on most days, but there are others that I feel so alone because of the pain that I need to know that there are others that understand. Not to wallow in sympathy and certainly not to proclaim myself as a professional , but to know that I am not alone, which is one of the mission statements of this forum. I need your words of encouragement and I am here to give you my support as well as many other on this forum. As you would say "Friends that STICK together" Ginny

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