Let's be patient and loving

From: Igor Gudymenko (igudym@eos.comint.net)
Tue Oct 5 02:43:35 1999

Hello Ginny, you wrote: > You posted that we
> should "avoid....web navigation, to be among sick people" I find this
> curious?

Exactly so. If you really want to be healthy so in crisis time you have to decrease the stream of negative information you usually get. Hope you have heard about such term as "psychohygiene". So all I said about are simplest and usual psychohygienic methods.

> My understanding of this forum is to share and to support.

I'm sorry, but as I see you have a false view of the problem indeed. Any disease can be healed, cured, treated just BY SICK PERSON HIMSELF. Nobody can't cure it at all. If he wants to be healthy so he finds the way. When it's said that he was cured by DR.X it's not true of course. God/The Nature heals but a doc just helps!! But if we don't want to turn to God, to the Nature we NEVER would healthy. Remember that, Ginny!

> The
> most important aspect though is the support. Support groups have been
> used successfully by millions of people of different disorders to help
> with the mental anguish of diseases which the medical profession for the
> most part fails to do.

I saw a lot of similar groups before. And what I felt in mosts? Sad spirit of fatality. New severe flare-ups, new operations. :(

> You obviously do not understand the
> relationship between adhesions and problems that are gyn and gi related.
> That ignorance alone is enough to worry me about your "advice".
It's clear that you think that your case is "unique". From your point of view every case is "unique". I wrote before: > I didn't treat my adhesions - I worked for new real health. These are
> two absolutely different handlings, two different ways.

If you want to be cured at first forget about your disease particularities!

> I myself have found the courage to continue on
> days where the pain is so intense I feel I can not go on by reading this
> forum.

Let's remember what do a sick man in old times? He tried to be alone - they went to lone places - forests, mountains, abbeys, etc. He understand that it's his cross and he had to pass through it keeping Love in his soul. But when he was too weak all theirs healthy(!) relatives came to him and they began to pray for him and ... he got cured. Witches usually helped when the problem was not linked with the destiny - when the disease was really not so dangerous, not vital. But when it was so they tried to avoid be involved in the process. Every witch feared to accept other's "death" sin.

> You have been asked on more than
> one occassion for your positive example of disease treatment and yet
> your answers go beyond "vague".

Well, they are: 1. positive thinking 2. simple eating 3. enough physical activity and rest What can you find there? Those are just general statements. And you can find them in every source! When I said that your exercises were not suitable for you but you even didn't ask why. It was not interesting for you because you know that your opinion was more than right? :) > Maybe having read my words:
>> Personally I every morning do special static exercises for 20-30 mins,
>> then run or jog 1.5 mile, then do exercises on horizontal bar. During
>> the day I also do special complex of exercises additionally. But don't
>> wonder my actions. It's normal for me. :)
> you also wrote:
>> I personally am a very athletic person who up until about six
>> months ago played tennis twice a week, walked 10 - 15 miles a week,
>> weights twice a week and aerobics in between.
> As I see NONE of exercises you had mentioned is suitable for an
> adhesion sufferer! Especially tennis and weights.
> Personally I sometimes dumb-bell, but ... my condition is really more
> than stable.
> I can run more distance every day but I needn't it - I am not a sportsman,
> just the common man and I feel my own body perfectly. I'm not going to
> make records and hence to exhaust myself.

So what exactly do you need to know? :) I don't give "empty" advices and if I feel that my companion ignores my words I think it's his carma, his destiny and I shouldn't force him at all. My duty is to say that there is the way to health and if he really wants to start so I can help him indeed. So: > I am usually very open minded
??? :(

> it seems to me that you find pleasure
> in provoking others and I for one do not feel that a support forum is
> the place.

Sometimes we seem the truth as provocation. But when we got more wise and patient we begin to thank our destiny for those necessary lessons in our life which were real ordeals.

> I for one do not feel that a support forum is
> the place.

I think that the forum is the place where the "educated" and recovered persons could help others to avoid next operation and recover their health.

So, Ginny, let's be patient and loving. Just Love in our souls can help us to overcome any ordeal. :)

With Love, Igor Gudymenko

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