Is relatively pain free?

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Fri Oct 1 03:01:45 1999

Hello all!

Ginny wrote: > Hi Igor,
> Welcome from the Ukraine. On a couple of posts you have stated that
> "you know how to handle them (adhesions)". Just curious, what have you
> done in the past and what are you doing at present that has brought you
> to your "present condition", which I presume is one that is relatively
> pain free? I personally am a very athletic person who up until about six
> months ago played tennis twice a week, walked 10 - 15 miles a week,
> weights twice a week and aerobics in between. During my latest pain
> cycle I have continued to try a work out, but each day it has become
> more difficult and each workout ends in total exhaustion with a slow
> recovery time. I know the importance of excercise for the total
> mind/body experience, but for the first time in my life I'm adraid I
> can't do it anymore and that scares me. Best regards. Ginny

"Pain free" is not the main feature of health for me. I can say that most aspects of my health are better than ever. I don't take any drugs, medicines, supplements now.

Hope you remember awful last winter world-wide epidemic of severe grippe (influenza). My brother was ill too and was in serious state for 4 days. I had to be near him for many hours. I had no inflammation and no symptom of any cold. You know that every bowel adhesion sufferer has severe problems with stool - hard constipations. I have stool 1 or 2 times a day. It's fine even for a never-operated person. Every adhesion sufferer (both pelvic and bowel) has a developed liver failure - my liver works better than ever. Every bowel adhesion sufferer usually has no appetite and has nausea, sometimes vomiting - I have a "canine" appetite. Every adhesion sufferer (both pelvic and bowel) feels considerable weakness - my capability to do some work is more high than ever. I feel considerable lightness in my body. My sleep is really stable. I have no insomnia as I had for many years. I suffered severe pains in my backbone before and feared any tiny draught. Now I do cold-water affusion without any dread. I have a hernia, but ... do various exercises including on horizontal bars and dumb-bell. As for "relatively pain free", I can add that I don't feel ANY pain in my abdomen at all now.

I can go on but you feel it's useless. I think those examples are silly if we can't understand that all we really need is a system of health recovering and further health maintenance based on the conception of natural principles. I didn't treat my adhesions - I worked for new real health. These are two absolutely different handlings, two different ways.

Best regards, Igor Gudymenko

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