this is what the doctor found

From: crm (
Thu Sep 30 22:16:45 1999

Hello everyone, I got my paperwork back today and i was shocked. The doctors feels doing a explortary laparotomy and lysis of adhesions. He noted tenderness over the cecum,transverse colon and over the sigmond which is really tightand very tender. I was hoping that a laparoscopy could be done that would could less adhesions. I am not sure if it would be right to ask especially becuase of the colon being involved. I know what ever is going is getting worse and is driving me crazy. I also was wondering if all these organs being stuck somewhere could cause damage to them. I have to decide what is best for me but I do not like the idea of another surgery and recovery. I have waited a long time to find out what was wrong but I never thought it would this, to be honest I am scared to death, and really am unsure if I can even think of another surgery.Thanks for listening to me ramble on and on.....thanks for all the support......

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