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From: Ginny King (
Wed Sep 29 17:39:01 1999

Hey Sharonda, I posted to you a minute ago and it just vanished, so if you get this twice...sorry. I thought that I had seen in earlier post that you were from Atlanta as well. My current gyn is Norman Fried in Snellville. I live in Roswell but have been going to him for ten years as he is one of the few specialist that has remained no matter what insurance my company decided to switch to. My GI is Diane Wisebraum at Northside. She is wonderful and is the one to finally diagnose the Crohn's. My surgeon is Eugene Davidson also at Northside. He is very conservative regarding adhesions and surgery and does not want to it again with me unless it's an emergency. He is the one that is sending me to the pain clinic at St. Joe's. I start October 11th and I'm a little nervous. I have thought about changing my gyn to one who is a little closer. I thought I had read in the past that you had a doctor that you were very happy with, I don't remember the specialty. If you don't mind my asking, who do you see? Best wishes. Ginny

At Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Sharonda Moore wrote: >
>Way to Go Ginny!!! Go Braves and Chipper Jones!!!
>How are you doing? What doctor have you been seeing here?
>>From: (Ginny King)
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>>Subject: Re: hello
>>Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 14:37:24 -0500
>>Hi Toni,
>>Sorry I can't root for the Reds (Sorry I'm from Atlanta) but I do hope
>>you get to go to the game and enjoy yourself. I think you could use a
>>pleasant outing with your family. Take care and get some rest. God
>>bless. Ginny
>>At Wed, 29 Sep 1999, toni welsh wrote:
>> >
>> >Just a small post to see how you are all doing. I am having an okay
>> >day, but as our days go on they seem to get harder, tonight I am just
>> >going to sit in front of the tv, our cinti reds are awsome this year,
>> >and they are in the pennant race, exciting. I went to but tickets for
>> >the first playoff game in cincy, so hoe they go! We got pretty good
>> >seats to right behind home plate, my son and his girlfriend are going
>> >with us.
>> >
>> >That was the excitement of my day, the loger this goes on, the more I
>> >stay at home, but when I stopped to get tickets, picked some other
>> >things for dinner, and I had a terrible cramping spell and had to come
>> >home, just never know when this os going to act up. I know part of it
>> >is irritable bowel, but the pulling and hard pain is always on the right
>> >side, the gynseems to think the bowel may be stuck to the right side and
>> >on the abdominal wall. I am sorry I rattled on, hope you are all doing
>> >okay!
>> >
>> >Your friend
>> >Toni From Cinti, routing for the REDS!

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