Re: hello

From: crm (
Wed Sep 29 14:28:30 1999

Toni, I have wanted to say I am glad you are getting out doing things. I wanted to know something. You said you have IBS and I do to but I really never had problems with it until this last surgery, I was wondering if you are having problems like me. I have pain with bowel movements, when I have gas you can feel it, it is almost like a baby kicking but a more painful, and gas pains double me up. I never had any problems like this before and it is all painful, I even watch the foods I eat and still seem to have problems. I am going to get the referral back tomorrow, I take it to the military and then from there they decide if they can do the surgery, the last time I talked to them they said most likely i would have to have an abdmonal surgery because I have had both my surgeries that way but I am stilling hoping that I can have a lap. I am worried.....I will write tomorrow and let you know about the referral.....

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