Break adhesions & Igor's answers

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Wed Sep 29 04:16:02 1999

Hello KHG, you asked some questions: > Also, Igor, I am curious to know where you are located;

I live in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

> also if you or someone you know is an adhesion sufferer;

As I've mentioned before: > Had also a appendectomy
> and two adhesive small bowel obstructions with further "classical"
> (laporotomy) removals.

After last laparotomy I was very weak and plus new constipations, new pains and so on. Now I can say that there are some adhesions inside my abdominal cavity (I even feel where they are exactly placed), but I'm not afraid of them and know how to handle with them. To tell the truth, that was hard indeed to get to my present condition.

> and whether or not you are
> affiliated with the medical profession, and if so, in what capacity.
Absolutely not. I'm an IT specialist. But I had to learn many medical disciplines too. :( :)

As for your consideration: > Given that with adhesions your bowel does not operate properly or
> necessarily in a timely would follow that the retention of
> waste products in your system would promote adverse growth of bacteria,
> etc.--wouldn't it? Then, would your body develop additional aches and
> pains from toxins built up in your own intestines, absorbed into your
> blood stream, and transported here, there and everywhere??!
allow me to comment a bit. I'm sure you're on the right way. Moreover EVERY(!) bowel adhesion sufferer has actually SICK liver, gallbladder and colon. If he or she had at least one whole (acute) bowel obstruction so he CAN'T has normal digestion and absorption. It is not my personal tale or theory. That fact is well-known to medical specialists as well as many other "common" people.

I'd like to share some my thoughts with all members. I saw following discussion about "The idea behind deep tissue massage is not only to losen but to BREAK?!, the adhesions." I'm afraid it would be too sad to hear for someone but it's impossible physically to break adhesions. When organism's immune system is getting really working normal they can be just dissolved, or get thin and stretch, but not be broken. It not a bone or a liver. "Adhesive principle" is BASIC principle of abdominal surgery. When a surgeon sews peritoneum he knows that it'll be meshed fast and tight due to that "adhesive principle". Adhesion is a part of the body and very flexible and soft one. Since it's not a certain organ with some consistence it'll be nearly impossible to break it indirectly. First of all you have to know precise place of certain adhesion and second you have to find the method how to put your strength (strength of your hand or the certain finger) to the point where you can tear it off. It sounds like tales about Philippine healers. As I know the more realistic method is to make them to be stretch and more soft. Personally I went that way and I think it's the quite reliable direction (though not easy).

Best regards, Igor Gudymenko

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