Re: Adhesions??

From: godfrey (
Mon Sep 27 16:51:20 1999


You need to get checked out. After my hysto 7/96, during which my surgeon lysed in excess of 100 adhesions--it took me 18 months to feel back on my feet. However, it has been my experience, the 'pulling' sensation always meant trouble from adhesions. Better to be safe than sorry. You are not a wimp. It is most unfortunate you are made to feel that way (as many of us are) by your doctor. I had a problem with it too, until I realized that I am purchasing a service from a 'repair shop' of sorts. I know my own 'appliance/machine' and I have done a lot of 'home owner work' me, myself. Trust your own instincts. And if you do not feel a rapport with you physician, shop elsewhere until you do.


Robin wrote: >
> Had hysto. 7/97, (full cut), then a lap 9/98 for removal of ovaries.
> Have never felt I healed or got over these. Have some days with pain on
> both sides, sometimes all over abdomen, sometimes feels like I still
> have everything?!! Can't do some normal houshold chores like sweeping,
> mopping, walking long or exercising (everything seems to be pulling and
> hurting). Could this be adhesions? Should I see my Dr.? Don't want to
> be a wimp!!


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