Re: feeling real bad today

From: toni welsh (
Sat Sep 25 20:47:41 1999

At Fri, 24 Sep 1999, Patrick Dixon wrote: >
>At Tue, 21 Sep 1999, toni welsh wrote:
>>I was wondering if the pain med, oxycontin was doing any good, I was
>>fighting to take it, and finally I was crying and walking around not
>>able to do anything. This ia awful, and now te fear of more surgery, to
>>be able to function. I cancelled my counselor, but I just called and
>>they said she could see me at 1:00, so I am going to go!
>>I finallt tokk one of the pills, and now I wll see how I feel! Is
>>everyone here doing okay?
>Dear Toni I was on oxycontin 20mg 1 every 12 hours. I personally did
>not like it. It gave me really bad hot flashes and cold sweats. I
>would be drenched in sweat at night. Now I'am on Demarol and Finergin.
>This seems to work better for me. The Oxycontin is really Morphine. The
>Finergan keeps you from becoming nause. The oxycontine made me nause. I
>hopr this has helped you a little. I my self have been through 10
>surgeries. The first one being for my Appendixs, Then 9 for adhesions.
>I will pray for you. In looking at the forum board I'am the only male.
>That is a big kicker.

Hello patrick,

That is what condition they think the bowels are at, but they also think they may be exactlywhere the were last year, the adhesions are 1-2 inches thick, and that was in 5 months after another surgery, I develop them at very rapid rate. Transverse colon was laying on the pelvic floor smothering the small bowel, and the loops of small bowels was were the 2 ich were, that is why I live on laxatives! I am not sure about the xycontin. They said it was taking 2 percocet three times a day!


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