From: crm (
Fri Sep 24 12:43:04 1999

Peggy, I first wanted to let you know I found a doctor that has been in practice for over 30 years, I will talk to him on Monday morning. I also wanted to say if the doctor feels another surgery would help then I have to go back to the military doctors. I have suffered from adhesions over 3 years, I had a TAH then I got an abcsess, I started pain in my right side and after a year and a half of fighting with military doctors they found the reason and removed my right ovary and adhesions and lifted my left ovary. At the time of the last surgery I knew nothing about adhesions but looking over the internet and the group have given me the information that would explain why I am in so my pain. I suffer from left side pain now and doctors have said the ovary is stuck and I think that is why I am in pain everyday, but also after the last surgery I started pain with my bowel. At this point I would like to try one more surgery, the last surgery helped with the pain on my right side, I still feel pulling but the pain is nothing like what it was before. There is a doctor at the military hosptial that listens to me and agrees at this point a surgery would be best, but since he can not do the surgery because he is a doctor( almost all the surgeries done at the military hospital are done by residents not doctors,the hopital is a teaching hopital)I would have to find a resident doctor to listen to me. I know this is confusing, but I hope telling you it might help understand what my problem is. If the doctor agrees about the surgery then I would fight to get a doctor to do the surgery. Another thing I learned from this whole thing is when you look for a doctor make sure that they use adhesion barrier, my last doctor did not believe in them so I was not given a chance.I been on the list since it started but I changed my name to crm because I usually use chris or christine but to avoid confusion I started using crm.....but my name is Chris..... Thanks for listening to me ramble on and on....

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