Good endo sources

From: Sharonda Moore (
Fri Sep 24 07:48:48 1999


I got these links from another board (30 of them).

FYI-A doctor in New York performed the first ovarian transplant for a woman that had early menopause (26? I think). They are hoping to use this procedure for women that are infertile or have damage to their ovaries from radiation/cancer treatment. - World Endometriosis Society (website fordoctors) - Women's Surgery Group, listing of experienced laparoscopic docs around the US - National Lupron Victims Network - Stanford University health magazine article about endo - Dr. Redwine's site - PubMed medline, site to research medical journals, abstracts, studies, etc. - Oxford Univ. Endo Gene Study - personal site of Onagh, a woman with endo - TAP Pharmaceuticals (makers of Lupron) Lupron info. site - Endo info. site for Ob/Gyns and patients (one of my favorites!) - Julie's After Lupron Forum - International Adhesions Society - Article, "Different Views on Adhesion Management" - Article, "Ovarian Cysts - What Are They, and What to do About Them" - Article, "The Significance of a Tipped Uterus" Article, "Pelvic Adhesions" - Links to many other endo sites - General healthencyclopedia - General surgery tips - Endometriosis Organization - General info. on endo treatment - Frequently Asked Questions about endo - International Endometriosis Association - Endo Association Houston support group site (one of my favorite sites!) - Summaries of how to perform various endo surgeries - somewhat difficult reading, but still interesting for the layperson - Endo Sister's Survival Kit, lots of good links (one of my favorite sites!) - Endometriosis Care Centre of Australia - Dr. Cook's Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Information Center (one of my favorites!) - Pharmacia & Upjohn (makers of Depo-Provera) Provera info site - Personal site of Dede, a woman with endo - Chat with Dr. Redwine - Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta - American Society for Reproductive Medicine abstracts, good place to research latest studies on endo treatment, adhesions, infertility, etc. - California Center for Pelvic Pain and Fertility in Palo Alto. If link doesn't work, you can call them at415-833-7900

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