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From: Peggy (
Fri Sep 24 06:18:48 1999

At Thu, 23 Sep 1999, crm wrote: >
>Hello Everyone,
>I finally got someone to listen and I am going to be able to see a
>cilivan doctor. I can choice the doctor, now here is my first question,
>what do I look for in a doctor, is it years in practice or how many
>times he has dealt with adhesions. My second question what questions
>should I ask.I have been trying to get military doctors to listen but it
>has not worked they turn me away as soon as adhesions are told to them,
>the reason for the second doctor is to find out if another surgery would
>be possible.

Hello,I don't know your name.I have looked back at all your posts and you never sign your name.Anyway I know that my Dr. has several certificates in advanced laporoscopic surgery and He has a great deal of knowledge about adhesions and I think the reason for this is because of the years he has been in practice and how many laporoscopies he has done with lysis of adhesions.I was very impressed with him with both surgeries that he performed on me and how cautious he was ,According to the reports from the surgeries.It is difficult to find this information.If I were you I guess I would start by asking around and then call Drs. and talk to them and ask them how many surgeries they have performed involving adhesions and what the outcome has been.At least it's a start.Good luck and please keep us informed on how you make out with finding a Dr. "FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" PEGGY P.S What state are you in?

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