From: crm (
Tue Sep 21 20:05:59 1999

Hello Everyone, I went to the doctor today and she was real good, and showed she cared, I did not go into the doctor for the pain but I had to get a pap, and I was really not wanted to get it because of pain but she wanted to try to help with the pain and decided to talk to the doctors about another surgery, I told her what the others would say, and she came back about 10 mins later and told me that she would try some medication because as some as the doctors found out adhesions were involved and I already had a surgery for adhesions they did not nothing to do with me. I knew what the surgeons were going to say because I have been told that so many times, I had given up and stopped trying. I feel like I will never be pain free, ans the really sad part is that if I did not have adhesions and just pelvic pain they would be willing to do surgery. I see military doctors(I go to a training hospital) so the doctors are not really doctors, for the first time in my life I really do not know what to do or what to say..... Thanks for listening...I hope everyone has a better day and night.....

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