Icodextrin (Adept)

From: Sue Ann Murray (murraysa@penn.com)
Tue Sep 21 15:17:23 1999

Sorry this has taken me a while to get back to but I was gone last week, although I did talk to Jennifer Scott about the trials -- but had no access to the internet. Anyway, here is what she sent me about the icodextrin whose trials are open to those with hysterectomy. Secondly, I did forward names or messages of all who were interested to Jennifer, but she said she had some mail returned as undeliverable. If you contact her, try to give her a phone number or make sure your e-mail address isn't disguised or whatever and that a reply will get to you. And if you wrote her and still haven't heard anything, let me know and I'll forward any information to her or whatever.

Sue Ann

This information was obtained from an Interim Report form ML LAbs Adept-A solution of Icodextrin to prevent post-operative adhesions. As a result of tissue damage during surgery, post-operative adhesions can occur resulting in the binding together of tissue surfaces. Adhesions are of a particular problem following gyn procedures and can be extremely disconcering for patients. Adept has been shown in pre-clinical experiments to significantly inhibit the formation of pos-surgical adhesions when compared to buffer washing solutions commonly used in surgical procedures. The low viscosity of the product allows it to be used for all types of abdominal surgery, without any change to surgical tecnique. Adept will be regulated as a device and therefore, because of the safety and phamaceutical information available to us as a result of the extensive use of the active ingredient Icdextrin in daily peritoneal dialysis prescriptions, we have been able to initiate the CE mark product approval process in Europe. In addition a five center evaluation of the product is currently ongoing in the U.S. and should be completed at the end of the year. There are fewproducts available for adhesion prevention. Although there are several products under development, there are no currently avialable products ideally suited for use in laparoscopy and those available for use in abdominal laparotomy surgery fall short of the ideal anti-adhesion product. Questions, Call me

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