I am so glad to find this group

From: Vera Elff (elff3@msn.com)
Sat Sep 18 07:36:24 1999

Hello everyone, I have had 6 operations in the past 4 years, 5 being for adhestions which caused intestinal obstructions. I have been in pain almost daily throughout. Being so frustrated, I have been serching for any information or help I could find. I finally found this group. I have read all of the posting and I appreciate the knowledge I have gained. My last operation was in July of this year, also June and Feb. of this year. Does anyone know why these have to be so frequent? I would appreciate any input you could give me. If you would like to email me instead of posting that would be okay also. My address is elff2@msn.com

thanks so much, Vera

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