Thanks for all the replies..Each, had something valuable.--4 part article on pain

From: Michele (
Tue Sep 14 18:35:05 1999

Thank you all for posting. I really appreciate the help from my heart. Thank you, Meg for the additional help.

Helen, it sounds like the post set off some emotional buttons in your life. I wished I had known everything about adhesions as well. I should. My GPA in college is/was 3.84 and I had a double major. I studied many things, believed physicians, but never blindly. When I started asking legitimate questions, I set them off. Some got ticked off when you've educated yourself and say excuse me, "No, I don't have a ruptured disc, I have pelvic and omental adhesions and that causes back pain occasionally." Even in the most passive tone, he refused me care. So, it's learning to balance the bull as well as researching out your own health issues. It's also about not beating yourself up for NOT knowing. As a general statement, it is a source of pain which doesn't get anyone anywhere. Guilt, shame, feelings of intentional ignorance are so difficult to recover from emotionally. If that is hurting anyone emotionally, I personally encourage a well certified psychologist to get back some of this sense of WORTH, that this entire group has. No one is stupid, or a flake or less of a value to the world. We all have gifts to share. These are general thoughts and not intended to any one person at all.

Our local newspaper has done a wonderful 4 part series on pain.

Made the cover of the Sunday paper. A woman suffered 20 yrs and was told it was in her head. NO ONE HAD CHECKED TO LEARN THAT HER MORPHINE PUMP HAD BROKEN THAT WAS PLACED IN HER BACK after a spinal fusion.

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