From: toni welsh (twelsh1@webtv.net)
Tue Sep 14 10:17:11 1999

Just here to say hello, and to let you all know I do care for all of you, I have been keeping so busy. The weekends wear me out, but the profits are good, and my precious moments collection is growing fast. I also started collecting dreamsicle, they are a cute collection.

I still am not getting no answers, and again sunday we got home, and I cred for hours, I try so hard to forget the way I have to live now, and still find it hard to believe this is all from scarring. But I guess someday I will have answers, I see my gyn on Mon. and we will see what he says, I finally had told him, I am trying to live with this pain, but the medication like you have all said, is maling me so tired, but I stayVERY active, I was always one to keep pushing.

the drs are still telling me it all sound like fibromyalgia, the way the pain has increased, but right now i am confused. He even said that taking oxyconti is like taking 2 percocet thee times a day. From what I remember,I used to get more relief from percocet, but that was ayear ago. the traxadone is very sedating, but they are happy that it is helping me sleep.

Well, I am cleaning today, so I wanted to let you all know I am thinking of you. chris, are you doing okay? Still thinkng of you, we kept in touch while recovering from surgery last year, hope you are well!


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