help needed step-mom having bowel resection -any dietary advice?

From: Michele (
Mon Sep 13 16:37:48 1999

Hi, My step-mother is having surgery right now to remove colon cancer. It was found because she requested a colonoscopy after others in the family had some scares. She's in her mid-50's and it had not been advised as a routine preventative care test. Good thing they found it early!!!

Her cure rate should be over 90%, but since I have not had a bowel resection, I was wondering what tips have helped you with surgery for adhesions, for those who have had bowel surgery.

My father thought ice cream would be a great idea. As an endo/adhesion patient I thought that could create gas pain. Her diet will be bland. Of course the hospital and surgeon will be caring for her at first, but sometimes there are things that patients know more than the doctors when she returns home to recover.

Anything you might be able to share would be helpful.

I am thinking positive thoughts that she will be okay. Michele

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