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From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Sep 12 12:12:22 1999

How my first message about Presciption Drugs appeared, is not how I had typed it. I had no control over how my previous message appeared on the forum!!!!!!

One day I will learn how to master writing a message so that it will appear as I have typed it. Thankfully, my message was still available so that I could correct this unfortunate happening. Here is the correct version!


"After surfing the web and comparing the PlanetRX prescription drug site with other prescription drug websites, I have found the information at this site to be much easier-to-read and also much easier-to-understand.

The drugs at this site are listed by Brand Name for each drug - but their drug prices list only the Generic Brands.

The following directions will help you search for information about drugs which have been prescribed for you:

1.) Enter: " "

2.) Scroll down and click: "Prescription Drugs"

3.) Drug Prices and Information: Read all of this.

(a.) Enter drug name and click: "Search"...or...

(b.) Click one of the drug names on the list.

(c.) Then click: "Uses" (on the right)

4.) Read:

(a.) FDA Approved Uses

(b.) Contraindications

(c.) Then click: "Instructions"

5.) Read:

(a.) Dosage and Administration

(b.) Storage

(c.) Then click: "Side Effects"

6.) Read:

(a.) Common Symptoms

(b.) Less Common to Rare Symptoms

(c.) Life-Threatening Symptoms

(d.) Possible Overdose Symptoms

(e.) What to do in Case of Overdose

(f.) Then click: "Warnings"

7.) Read:

(a.) Precautions

(b.) Adults Over 60

(c.) Drug Dependency

(d.) Pregnancy Risk Category: click: A, B, C, D, or X

(e.) Pregnancy Warnings

(f.) Nursing Mothers

(g.) Prolonged Use

(h.) Discontinuing Therapy

(i.) Sun Exposure

Whether you *need* to follow the above instructions or you are able to follow the instructions *on your own*, I feel sure that you will agree with me that this is the pharmacy site for people of all intelligence levels.

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