A new problem

From: Christine M. Smith (smithy@maine.rr.com)
Fri Sep 10 19:54:49 1999

I know this doesn't have anything to do with adhesions, but... I have a new problem. I'm having hot flashes! They started mid August and I thought they were a side effect of the drug celebrex, as they are listed among the side effects. But they didn't start until I had been on the drug for a month, and I've been off the drug for over a week and I still have them. So I think they are the real thing. I feel miserable unless I'm sitting with a fan directed at me and I've been waking up absolutely roasting several times per night. I don't seem to be having night sweats though. I thought the hot flashes from Lupron were kind of interesting, but not now! I'm tired of going to my pcp with one problem after another and my gyn died. Does anyone have any advice? My FSH was tested last January and it was normal (9)Does anyone know how quickly it can become abnormal? I have read everything on the internet.Thanks for listening.

Chris S.

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