Short Gut Syndrome: information and support

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Sep 10 16:25:33 1999

Someone posted a message awhile back and she mentioned that she wished that she could have both her large and small intestines removed. She wondered if anyone knew if it would be possible to have this done.

I have found a website which may help her realize that drastic surgery, like she was alluding to, would only brings on problems of a different kind.

The following websites consist of information and support for people who have had no other choice than to lose most of their intestines - thus leaving them with short bowel syndrome:

1.) Welcome to the No Guts Country Club (short bowel syndrome). Am I the only one left? <>

2.) Street Map of the NO GUTS COUNTRY CLUB - Links to everywhere <>

Perhaps the information at the above websites will act as a motivator for all of us to do whatever is necessary to protect the health of our bodies. Education is the key!! There is a lot of helpful information in the other articles which I have posted today...suggestions as to what we can do to take better care of our bodies.

I hope the person, who expressed some interest in having most of her intestines removed, will take the information at these websites to heart. Don't give up! Do whatever is necessary to prevent this from happening. It won't be easy!

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