Re: If its a Medical Breakthrough...why won't your doctor listen?

From: Sharonda Moore (
Thu Sep 9 10:46:58 1999

Above is a page connected to the one Helen sent (Thanks Helen!!). For those of you that didn't go as indepthly as I did (what can I say - I have too much free time) this is info on a living trust. Basically, if you are a disabled person, which is something most of us can be classified as, you can establish a living trust. This trust is for people that receive disability or SS assistance. When you get income from another source over $2000 then you lose your government assistance, with a trust you can appoint someone to be trustee over the account (someone you trust implicitly). That person would write checks for your healthcare and other needs and you don't lose your assistance.

If I am not mistaken, a bank can be your Trustee - you just tell the administrator what needs to be taken care of. Once you get to a stable place and don't need financial assistance you can "dissolve" the trust and take over. I work in a trust area in a corporate bank(not related to medical trusts) but banks are a good place to start if you don't have any direction, the advice is free and mostly likely helpful.

Wow, what the internet gives us! If this applies in anyway to you, I would definitely check it out, it never hurts to know this type of information, even if it comes up down the road for someone else.


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