Re: Attacking the Hydra Again!

From: Meg (
Wed Sep 8 00:23:02 1999

>Hi Meg,Sorry to hear that you have to have surgery.I hope that
>everything goes well for you with the adhesion barrier.When is surgery
>scheduled for? What barrier is the Dr. useing? My hopes are with you
>that this works for you. My pain management Dr. has me walking a
>couple miles a day and swimming 5-6 laps 4-5 x's a week.Which is going
>very well.He also wants me to do Tai-Chi twice a day for 20 minutes.I
>bought a video but I just can't seem to get into doing it.I watched the
>video a few times and find it to be very boring,as a matter of fact the
>first time I watched it I fell asleep.I told the receptionist this and
>she laughed,She told me that it is suppose to be for relaxation and
>obviously it worked .Just not the right way.Well I have to go for now
>but will be back on either later or tomorrow."FRIENDS THAT STICK

My surgery is scheduled for Oct. 21. I needed time to be able to meet some commitments I had this fall, and get my life in order. In the meantime, he is going to research the different barriers and then consult with me as to which one we want to use.

Yup, Tai Chi can put you to sleep!! :P Once you get into it though, I think you'll do well! I think though that I'm going to follow your lead and start walking. I've never seen all of this little town I live in, maybe it is time I did. It is your typical quaint New England town...

Take care, Peggy, and everyone!!

~ Meg

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