Polly ;Re: Surgery tomorrow

From: Ginny King (gking@myrick.com)
Sat Sep 4 19:56:11 1999


I'm glad your home and made it through the surgery. Did your surgeon give you any kind of indication of what type of growth? Did you have adhesions as well even though they were not the cause of your pain this time? Hope you have a good weekend and that removal of this growth will give you some pain relief. Ginny

>>At Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Polly wrote:
>>>Hello everyone! Wow it has been a rough couple of weeks! My pain hit an
>>>alltime high last Thursday and was coupled with intense chest pains. I
>>>saw my surgeon yesterday and he was totally undecided on what to do with
>>>me because all of my tests (previous) came back ok with the exception of
>>>the colonoscopy which revealed some stricture around the outside of the
>>>colon in the upper right side. (exactly where my pain happens to be) He
>>>acted like maybe I was overreacting to what was happening to me (he
>>>neglected the fact that my blood pressure and temperature was elevated
>>>as of yesterday afternoon coupled with the same persistent pain in the
>>>URQ and milder chest pains) What gives with these surgeons??? Anyhow, I
>>>gave him the videotape of my last surgery of lysis of adhesions 3/97 in
>>>pelvic region and he said he would watch it and call me in the morning.
>>>Well, what do you know the tape must have made an impression on him
>>>because he has me scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning! Wish me luck
>>>friends and an end to this pain, at least for awhile.
>>>Thanks for letting me vent - this entire experience has been so
>>>emotionally draining for me.
>>>Love and friendship - Polly
>Well Friends I'm finally home from the hospital and surprisingly enough,
>adhesions were not the cause of my pain this time! The surgeon removed a
>growth from my colon Wednesday. He was just as surprised as I , if not
>more so that adhesions weren't the cause! There are several other areas
>of concern that the surgeon has and would like to run further tests.
>THanks so much for all of the information in regard to adhesions - this
>doc used an ounce of prevention after the procedure and used Septrafilm
>as a precaution. Good luck to you all and know that I am thinking of
>you. Thanks, Polly

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