Re: Intergel update

From: Peggy (
Sat Sep 4 14:58:08 1999

At Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Sue Ann Murray wrote: >
>For anyone who might be interested, I was talking to the clinical trials
>nurse and she found out that Lifecore (the makers of intergel/lubricoat)
>will fly any eligible patient out to LA to take part in the study there if
>there is no trial site nearby. (I did mine in Pittsburgh, but don't know
>where other sites might be.) What I can tell you about qualifying for the
>trial is that you can't have had a hysterectomy, and you have to have at
>least 4 but no more than 12 adhesions when they get in there. I'm not sure
>about other health considerations, but I have other health problems and I
>still qualified. Just keep in mind that it's still a 50-50 chance of
>getting the gel or a simple saline solution instead.
> Although I did find out from Anne, who had contacted the nurse before,
>that there is another study for women who have had hysterectomies with
>another liquid made by some company in England. I can try and find out
>more information if anyone is interested or give you the nurse's e-mail and
>you can contact her directly.
> Now for a disclaimer: I put my own experience on the board originally
>just to be helpful and to share my experience, which so far has been good,
>with the intergel. I still think six months will be a better time-frame for
>judging success. And I mentioned the trial in the event that someone else
>might be interested and could be helped by it. However, Lifecore discovered
>through the trials nurse that I had been sharing this information and is now
>offering me a commission for anyone I "recruit". But I don't want anyone to
>think that I am "recruiting" anyone. I have not contacted Lifecore directly
>or asked for anything. (It was the trials nurse who suggested it to them).
>But you can contact the nurse or Lifecore directly and I will give you those
>addresses and you DO NOT have to mention my name or where you got the
>information. I have shared their web-site address before and I will share
>it again or you can find it searching on your own. I am simply trying to be
>helpful. But in case anyone would find out about it or was wondering, I
>don't want anyone to think I'm doing this for any other reason than to be
>helpful. Whew-- well got that off my chest!
> I hope all are having a good day and enjoy the holidays!
>Sue Ann

Sue Ann,I may be interested in the trials that deal with adhesions after hysterectomy.If you would e-mail me the nurses e-mail address I would like to at least talk to her about it and see what it is all about.Thanks "FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" PEGGY

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