Re: I need your help: Have you had or are you having some of

From: Christine M. Smith (
Thu Sep 2 21:49:59 1999

Hi Helen:

It would appear that she has inflammatory bowel disease, perhaps Crohn's. I'm sure there must be other diseases that would cause these symptoms. I hope she is seeing a gastroenterologist, who is not as likely to think of cutting first.

Chris S.

At Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>Since I have not had any of the following symptoms, I am asking for your
>help with the following request (in the 3rd paragraph) which I received
>from a lady:
>- - - - - - - - - - - -
>In her first letter to me, this lady said: "I have had several surgeries
>to remove adhesions and endometriosis - even though I had a hysterectomy
>thirteen years ago. I also have inflammatory bowel disease and they are
>looking right now at the possibility of crohn's disease. I am in
>constant pain everyday and am looking for a solution. The doctors tried
>Interceed on my last surgery less than a year ago, but it had basically
>no positive effects. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.
>I'm sick of suffering.
>Her second letter said: "Of the women that you have talked to with
>severe adhesion problem, have any of them had chronic diarrhea? I am
>unable to eat very many things at all. I have lost alot of weight. I
>am 5' 5'' and weigh 107 with clothes on. It seems to me that every
>doctor I deal with only wants to go in and cut out more scar tissue when
>in fact I think I have lived with the pain for so long I can tolerate
>that it is the sick feeling that I have everyday the nausea and it's
>getting to the point that I don't even want to eat because I know how I
>will feel. I have always been a very happy, energetic young woman with
>a spirit that I never let go through everything, but I am getting to the
>point where I can feel myself giving up hope.
>She is asking for help with the following question:
>"I hope that you can answer this question. In all the letters you have
>read and the research you have done, has anyone ever had chronic
>diarrhea, limited amounts of foods they can tolerate - and weight loss,
>nausea, and flu-like symptoms? Please answer this question for me."

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