Re: Chris Re: Zoladex-desperately need info-Ginny

From: Christine M. Smith (
Thu Sep 2 07:11:08 1999

At Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>Hey Chris,
>Thanks for answering the question I forgot to ask before about the add
>back estrogen. That makes sense to me and I would think it would have
>to help with the side effects. The way your body reacted to the Lupron
>is odd, but as we discussed before, I did not have the pain when I was
>on Lupron either and my GI said it helps with IBS and IBD. And it
>helped some with the right side pain I have as well from whatever
>source. It's beyond me!? When you had the "pain incident" a year and a
>half ago, did you have anything else going on like a fever, or anything
>that would have indicated an inflammatory response to something? Thanks.

Hi Ginny: Yes, when I had the "pain incident" (actually it was 2 years ago, but 1 1/2 years after Lupron) I did have fever and shaking chills that night, about 12 hours after the onset. I woke up on a Thursday morning with what felt like moderately severe menstrual cramps. All day my gut ached all the way up to my umbilical area-this was not unusual for me for menstrual pain. The only weird thing was that I had a TAH 12 years before!!!! I took 2 ibuprofen and went to work. DUH. When I still had residual pain about a week later I decided to call my gyn. He diagnosed either 1) crohn's disease or diverticulitis or 2) back problem . I resisted and said I had a great gut and a great back! So he tried 3 months of Lupron (no effect), numerous ultrasounds (all relatively normal in his opinion) and finally did a lap 9 months later, but only after a negative GI workup which consisted of a colonoscopy. I believe my GI doc only did this to satisfy the gyn and declared me normal, no crohn's, no diverticulitis based on this negative colonoscopy. I don't think my gyn was ever satisfied with this conclusion. So, up until the lap I had bilateral lower abdominal pain (somewhat worse on right side) but after the lap when the pain returned 3 months later, it was only lower right quadrant pain. Last March I had a repeat of this bilateral pain that felt like menstrual pain, again with fever and shaking chills for a few hours, but have not had this again since then.



>>once again scarred feeling. Very strange.
>>Chris S.

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