Thanks Chris S.

From: Susan Carr (
Fri Jun 25 21:34:08 1999

I really should read my email more often!! I want to thank you Chris S. for your reply and words of encouragement about my upcoming colonoscopy. It eased my mind a bit. I went to the Dr. today for my pre-procedure interview and found out that I am not going to have the colonoscopy afterall. Unfortnately the ultrasound showed that my ovarian (the only ovary I have left) cyst has grown and is no longer just fluid filled...-so- I go in on the 29th for a CT and then we go from there. Please think good thoughts, I need them and a few prayers wouldn't hurt either. I concern is that I have cancer on both sides of my family-a lot actually. Not to mention the additional adhesions of another surgery. I tried to talk the surgeon into taking that ovary in the last surgery but he said no because it was still "working", it's working alright - but toward what, I want to know? A little humor there!!!! I have to add that after reading all the postings that we have a very good support group out there. It sure is nice to know that we can voice concerns, encouragement, gripes and anything else that comes to mind with someone that truly understands. It would be fun to be able to go the seminar/gathering that is tentively planned later in the year in FL and actually put a face to the names and messages. I had shared with Dr. Wiseman that maybe there could be a video made for those of us unable to attend. What's the opinion? All you you have good days!!!

Susan C.

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