Therapy Massage

From: Christine M. Smith (
Wed Jun 23 20:30:22 1999

I agree with Beverly in that I don't think this type of treatment could be very effective in breaking up adhesions. In fact, I would worry that it might cause more inflammation, although I have nothing to back this up. Oils and balms would definitely have no effect other than possibly relaxing you because there is no way they could get through to the adhesions for the reasons Beverly gave. However, I have been reading about myofascial pain syndrome and from what I understand the adhesions might start this type of pain syndrome up and then you have another whole problem and all the pain gets mixed in together. And apparently myofascial pain syndrome is treated by massaging the trigger points and using different kind of anesthetic type sprays.I would want this done by whoever specializes in this type of medicine-pain management, physiatrists, rather than a massage therapist.


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