Re: Bad Days again-Ruth

From: Ruth (
Mon Jun 21 16:50:24 1999


>can't tell from your post if you've already had this problem with your

>sigmoid colon fixed and the adhesions came back and did it to it again.

>Can you fill us in with the chronological order of events? Thanks




Yes! I have had the same problem before. August 97 I had my left tube and ovary out. My colon was fixed to my bladder and ovary. In April of 98 I had a hysterectomy and my adhesions were very dense and fixed once again to my bladder and uterus. At second look surgery 1 week later my small intestine was looped around my sigmoid with havy adhesions already formed. I think the reason Dr's.say it isn't the cause of pain is because surgery can be very tricky and there is no guarantee of a cure.


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