Doing a lot better today

From: Peggy (
Mon Jun 21 15:54:24 1999

Hello every one .Today has been a very good day for me,I don't think I mentioned in my other posts that my gyn also is trying a course of birth control pills to see if the right ovary is playing any part what so ever in the pain I am having on the left side.He called it referred pain.I have taking these pills for 3 nights and today I have very little pain on my left side.I had to laugh when he told me he was putting me on birth control pills with me having a hysterectomy and my husband had a vasectomy.At least I can find a little humor in this.He wants me to try the pills for 4 months ,Taking them constantly throughout each month to slow down the activity of the right ovary.He told me that if there was any inprovement in the pain that he would definetly take the ovary out.I may be getting my hopes up that in some way the pills have helped the pain in such a short time.Anything that works at this point is o:k with me. Friends who stick together Peggy

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