Re: back pain - Chris

From: sherry (
Sun Jun 20 11:39:57 1999

Hi Chris, After surgery I have no back pain for a couple of months. It is a combination of back pain and pulling that I cannot stand. I do have fibromyalgia, which doesn't help matters. In the morning it feels like my insides are being pulled on, my bladder and intestines also hurt. After I get up and move around and take my pain medicine, I start to feel better. If I sit too long in one position I get very stiff. I'm sure it is a combination of fibromyalgia and adhesions that make me feel this way, but I can tell the difference. For me adhesions are a pulling and tugging, the other is diffuse muscle pain and fatigue. What it boils down to is I feel like (you know what!). Chris, how are you feeling? I'm going to read the rest of the posts. I've been waiting for the results of your test. I know how difficult it is to want to know the source of your pain. Hang in there!!! Sherry

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