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From: Ginny King (
Sun Jun 20 07:34:54 1999

At Sat, 19 Jun 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >
>At Sat, 19 Jun 1999, Ginny King wrote:
>>At Sat, 19 Jun 1999, Tina Shelby wrote:
>>>Hi Ginny,
>>>I know you didn't ask me - but if you don't mind - I would like to give you
>>>a medical perspective on your symptoms you describe. The blood in your urine
>>>and bowels is most definitely not normal. I am interested in knowing if
>>>there is alot of blood in your stools or are they picking it up on a guiac
>>>test. Are you taking any kind of anti-inflammatory medications like motrin
>>>or advil? These types of drugs are very hard on the stomach and cause
>>>microscopic bleeding. Blood in the urine needs to be wroked up by a
>>>Urologist to determine where along the urinary tract it is coming from.
>>>As far as adhesions causing the bleeding - if the adhesions (on the outside
>>>of the bowel/bladder) were to pull hard enough as to cause bleeding/tearing
>>>of the organ (inside the bowel/bladder) - that would be a life-threatening
>>>situation. A hole in the bowel would cause the contents to spill out into
>>>the abdominal cavity causing a severe infection like peritonitis. The same
>>>goes with tearing of an ureter. Urine would spill out and also cause some
>>>life-threatening problems.
>>>Hi Tina,
>>I don't mind any advice at all at this point. I have blood that shows
>>up both by the naked eye and by test. I have had peritonitis of an
>>unknown cause which has resulted in additional adhesions. As of last
>>week, the doctor I was seeing said I just had irritable bowel. Since
>>then I am seeing a new doctor and we are starting over on trying to find
>>out where the blood and infections are coming from. I guess the
>>adhesions probably aren't the problem and my new doctor is back to
>>suspecting Crohn's but sometimes I feel like my insides are ripping out
>>and the pain is blinding which is what I went through when the adhesions
>>had bound my uterus to my abdomen. My PCP is not giving me a referal
>>yet to a urologist or even my gyn as she is waiting on the test results
>>the GI is going to do later this month. I don't take many medications,
>>perscriptions or otherwise. I do understand they can cause bleeding,
>>but would a taking them a few times a month show visible blood in the
>>urine and stools? I feel like I am in a going around in a circle with
>>the docs. Thanks for your advice. I welcome any comments or advice,
>>always. I have gotten more good advice and support through this forum
>>than in nine years of dealing with doctors, complicated by insurance
>>)but thats a whole different issue). Thanks again. I hope you are
>>having a good day yourself. Ginny
>>Ginny King
>Hi Ginny:
>According to the colo-rectal surgeon I saw and the info on his website,
>IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) NEVER causes gastrointestinal bleeding
>and any such bleeding has to be worked up.
>There's no law that says you can't have two problems at once. You could
>have crohn's plus the discomfort from the adhesions. I hate to say that
>because it is so discouraging but its easy to try and tie everything
>together into one problem.
>Chris S.

Hey Chris,

I'm beginning to think there are two problems going on at once. I'm most concerned about the bleeding at this point so I guess I'm doing the right thing to have that issue worked up first. I just wouldn't be surprised to hear that everything is normal as this is what I always seem to hear. Thanks. Ginny

Ginny King

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