Re: Has anyone seen a urologist?

From: Kristy Sokoloski (
Sun Jun 20 02:03:51 1999


I saw a urologist in April of 1997. The reason I went was because I had an excessive piece of skin growing on the left side of the pubic area, not for pelvic pain. During the course of my visit I asked him about the chronic pelvic pain that I had and he said that it could have been a kidney infection. Well, to make a long story short he removed that extra piece of skin for me. The first time that I went to this doctor I felt real strange because most of the patients there were men. There were 3 of us women there. It was quite an interesting experience for me, and I hope to never have to go back to one of them.

As for the kind of tests, well, in my case all they did was take a urine sample and then check to see if my bladder was emptying properly. He did it with a small catheter that he pushed all the way up inside to see if all was okay in that area, and it was okay.

As for the chronic pain specialist I go to one of them as well. They are Pain Management specialists. I have been seeing one for almost a year for chronic pain of a different nature. Mine took a lot of time with me at the first visit. I don't remember the length of time that I was there but I know that it had to be at least an hour. If you would like to know more about what these specialists do check out: This site is for the American Society of Anesthesiologists. Here you can get a lot of info about them. Just click on the heading, "Public education", and then go to the question that talks about pain management specialists.

Sometimes these doctors work in clinics that specialize in different aspects of Pain Management, or they work as part of a private group like mine does.

Also, don't forget to take that pain calendar with you. I hope that what I have given you here is of some help. If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail me directly.

Kristy :)

At Sat, 19 Jun 1999, Peggy wrote: >
>Hello everyone,
>I was wondering if any one has seen a urologist for the pelvic pain? I
>am looking for advice on questions I should be asking and what tests I
>would possibly be having to take.My appointment isn't until the 7th of
>July .Also When I go to the chronic pain specialist What should I expect
>?The receptionist told me that the Appointment last for about 2 1/2
>hours,I'm sure a lot of that is taking down info on the history of the
>pain.This appointment is on July 19th.When I saw my GYN yesterday he was
>very compassionaite {sp.}I gave him the pain calander that I was keeping
>and he told told me that just looking at me he could see that I was in a
>lot of pain.It helps to know that he cares and that he is doing all he
>can do for me.
>Thanks for all your advice in advance.
>"Friends that stick together"

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