Re: bad days again - Tina

From: sherry (
Sat Jun 19 21:49:31 1999

Hi Tina, thanks so much for your concern. I am going to call my pcp's office Monday about the blood in the urine. I am still having problems in that area. Before the surgery to remove adhesions on intestines and bowel, I would have blood drip out of me. This scared me and so I went to a specialist and he performed all those tests. He couldn't find the problem. I ended up having surgery and bowel obstructions and when I was well enough I called his office and explained what had happened. The response I got was,"we will take off the charges you owe." I made a copy of my hospital report and sent it to his office along with a letter. I had told him of my history with adhesions before the tests. I also told him I had not had a normal bm for months. I wanted his office to recognize that adhesions can cause problems even though you cannot see them on tests. Sometimes I feel like I have to fight to get people to listen to me. Thanks again and I'll let you know what happens. Sherry

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