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From: Ginny King (
Sat Jun 19 08:09:38 1999

> Hi Ginny:
>I found your post very interesting and encouraging. First, I still
>haven't heard about the MRI but I decided that doesn't mean much, which
>you confirmed. I know I don't have anything really bad because I don't
>have a lot of neurological symptoms. And I don't think it would vary in
>intensity if it was something really bad.
>It's good your doctor is willing to investigate other possibilities and
>not just blame your pain on the adheisons.
>The only thing I worry about in your case is the negative CT. I assume
>you had one of your abdomen as well as pelvis. They usually do it
>together and with gastrograffin. Did you have to drink a fruity type
>drink? I think CT is *the* test for diagnosing crohn's, although
>sometimes they do a GI series with small bowel followthrough. Iguess
>that wouldn't pick up crohn's in the colon though, where the CT would.
>But you are right about the arthritic symptoms. I just had some blood
>tests done for some of the rheumatology diseases and I was told it was
>normal. I plan to ask more details next time I go. I think the
>treatment for crohn's is pretty successful in most cases these days.
>They have several drugs that are supposed to work well. When you've had
>bowel obstructions, can't they tell what is causing the obstructing? I'm
>glad your doc is working this up because I don't think blood from the
>intestines is normal and crohn's does present this way.
>I also found it interesting that your back problems are made worse when
>you spend a lot of time in bed. Not many people have told me this. Bed
>rest is usually the thing for back pain, although not as long as it used
>to be. I don't have more pain when I am active at the time I am being
>active, it is later that I pay for it. In March I started a step
>aerobics program and I felt great while doing it and for the rest of the
>day. But at night I started to have these attacks of severe pain. I
>haven't had one of these attacks since I stopped aerobics the last week
>of May. It is very weird! In your case, if you have spondylitis, you
>are going to have pain from that aside from your adhesions, I would
> Thanks for the encouragement.

Hey Chris,

I did not drink anything fruity when I had the CT. My PCP had ordered this test prior to me going to see another GI. I'm not sure what they were looking for. The new GI I am seeing says it's difficult to diagnose Crohn's and the best way is to do a biopsy of the tissue. That is why he is re-doing the colonoscopy and wants the upper endoscopy so that he can biopsy tissue in the small intestine as well, since my bleeding (because of color) may be coming from there. I don't know what the answer is as each doctor has a different opinion, I'll just keep plugging away. As for the obstrution, when one of my "episodes" starts I will suddenly be unable to move my bowels for a few days, my side swells, fever starts and the pain is intense. Then it well let go and I have the bloody diarrhea for several weeks. I have never been to the doctor or the emergency room during the first phase, only after several weeks of diarrhea. Since I have not had a lap since my hysterectomy, he is only guessing at this time that intermittent bowel obstructions is the cause. I guess I'll know more later this month when I have the rest of the test done. I to had to give up step and jogging. They both made my back pain much worse, not during the exercise but later. I still try to play tennis and walk, but those activities are getting difficult as well. Take care. Ginny

Ginny King

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