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From: Peggy (
Fri Jun 18 09:47:13 1999

At Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Sharonda Moore wrote: >
>Just found this forum today. I suffer from adhesions through
> know, that satanic disorder...I I was diagnosed with
>endo in 1996 after 13 years of monthly cycle pain. My dr found endo
>that she lysed but left a small endometrioma behind my uterus. That was
>a great decision (sarcasm), especially since it has grown to the size of
>a hockey puck, can physically be seen on an ultrasound, has frozen my
>pelvis and adhered it to my rectum. But I'm not bitter...LOL. I also
>have adhesions on my intestines. It causes indigestion all the time,
>nausea, this pulling/tugging pain on either side. I had a lap May of
>this year and my dr told me that he didn't want to attempt to remove
>that unless I was scheduled for a laparotomy. I don't know if it is
>good or bad to have surgery b/c since my lap I have constant daily pain
>(not just cyclic pain).
>My dr that performed the lap is wonderful. He definitely is concerned
>about the pain and believed me when I said that the endo has spread. He
>is also very good with pain management. If anyone needs at dr in the
>Atlanta area, I would definitely recommend him.
>Thanks for letting me vent.
>Peace and Pain free days to all!

Sharonda, Welcome to the forum.It is unfortunate that you have to be here but you will find that the support from everyone is very helpful. Peggy

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