Re: absorbing information, sympathetic support - Laura

From: Laura Newman (
Thu Jun 17 18:25:37 1999

Hi Sherry! The Neurontin is not working for me yet - just waiting on the right doseage. Today, I feel like s_(you know the rest)!!! Can't wait to go home, take a hot shower and go to bed!!! Hope you and all are doing a little better than this!! Much love and care, Laura.

>>> sherry <> 06/17 2:23 PM >>>

Hi Laura, I wanted to know how you were doing on the medication Neurontin? Unfortunately, it did not help me. I am taking hydrocodone again. How are you feeling? I too really care about everyone on the forum. When people have to deal with a chronic illness, it can affect every aspect of your life. I am lucky to have support from my family, but it is hard for them to understand what I am going through with. Having the opportunity to share my experiences with someone else who knows exactly how I feel can be a powerful form of therapy. Sherry

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