Re: Chris and Peggy

From: sherry (
Thu Jun 17 08:05:51 1999

Hi, I have found that if I do anything like work in my flower garden or even pick up my grandson, I pay the price with more back pain and pulling. It is very frustrating when pain plays a part in everything you do. I also find that if I sit too long, like at the computer, I experience the same pain. From what my pcp told me, since I had a hysterectomy, the adhesions grow from the vertical abdominal incision back to the intestines. When I had my female organs, the adhesions would grow from the incision onto the uterus, etc. As if the pain isn't enough, the nausea is really scary. I can only wonder when I will have another bowel obstruction. I started sipping on pure coke syrup over ice, a very old remedy that seems to help a little. I hope everyone has a better day. Friends who stick together!!! Sherry

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