Re: complications from adhesions?-Ginny

From: Tina Shelby (
Wed Jun 16 11:21:36 1999


I have worked with a GI doc here in Tennessee - I was shocked but there are some GI docs here in TN that do colonoscopy's on patients without sedation. Many of Dr. S. patients would tell him about their "horror stories" of being awake during the procedure and how they swore they would never have it done ever again. We had to spend alot of time trying to convince them they wouldn't be awake and they wouldn't remember anything about the test. They were always very anxious the day of the procedure but when they awakened from sedation they were so relieved and thankful. Again I say that it is cruel and inhumane to do this. The GI doc I worked with used sedation on all gi procedures including flex sigmoids - because of this - his patients didn't mind having the test repeated yearly if he reccommended so - because they knew they wouldn't remember anything. He uses Demerol and Valium for sedation. He has used versed in the past but because of the expense he switched back to valium. He uses Stadol if the patient has an allergy or intolerance to Demerol. He is in a practice with 4 other GI specialists and they all use the same sedation policy for the colon/sigmoid tests. However as you pointed out - these guys do not do many flex sigmoids because disease processes of the colon are not limited to just the sigmoid area.


At 11:05 AM 6/15/99 -0500, you wrote: >At Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Tina Shelby wrote:
>>At 06:36 PM 6/14/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>>At Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Tina Shelby wrote:
>>>>i just wanted to let you know - when my adhesions were at their worst - I
>>>>has hospitalized for 4 days because of the severe pain and fever and
>>>>elevated white count. This happened three months in a row - every test in
>>>>the book was run and everything was "normal" I sent for my GI report and the
>>>>doc dictated that everything in the colon was normal. He also said that the
>>>>colon was fixed due to adhesions but he never acknowledged that the
>>>>adhesions were causing the pain - go figure!
>ed and
>>gradually got worse again. It's just a viscious cycle - pain - major surgery
>>- pain - more surgery - . I've decided to not have any more surgery unless I
>>have no choice such as a complete bowel obstruction.
>>I have worked with GI docs and most put the patient under heavy sedation to
>>perform sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy. If I were you - esp if the next test
>>they want to do is a colonoscopy - refuse to have it done without sedation.
>>You can call other GIs in your area and ask if they use sedation for their
>>colon tests. I feel confident you will find one who does. It is cruel and
>>inhumane to put someone through a test like that wide awake - esp if you are
>>already dealing with a great deal of pain.
>In this area sigmoidoscopies are an office procedure and are generally
>done without sedation and colonoscopies are done under what is called
>"conscious sedation". Around here that is demerol (pain killer) and
>versed (amnesiac) I don't think you could do a colonoscopy on a person
>with out this.
>Chris S.

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