Thinking Clearer Now

From: Christine M. Smith (
Wed Jun 16 06:11:27 1999

Hi Everyone:

I thought about what I said in a post to Peggy yesterday about how I wasn't going to call the doctor's office for the results of my MRI and was going to wait for them to call me. I decided that was really dumb. Playing games isn't going to help me. The doctor's office doesn't care if I ever call them! So today I will leave a message (that's how you communicate with them, via answering machine) to please be sure to call me as soon as they get the MRI results. Please do not leave a message with one of my family (they do this-call and say to tell me all test normal.) because I have to talk about what I'm going to do next. (not if but what)

Funny thing, now that I've cut way back on my activity level during the day I no longer wake up in such pain and the night time "attacks" have stopped. I still have pain during the day, both abdominal and back, but it was this night time stuff that really was getting to me. I still can't understand how adhesions would do this. It appears that *inactivity* allows the pain to happen because when I get up (or change position in bed) it improves tremendously. Why would adhesions behave like this? I can see if adhesions are affecting the GI tract why they'd act up during digestive patterns, but why activity levels and why so far removed from the event? (I can understand having pain from the adhesions while you are actually doing the event because you are using muscles, etc. but why hours later?)

Any comments welcome.


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