Re: symptom relapses

From: Laura Newman (
Mon Jun 14 15:13:09 1999

Oh my yessssss!!! Yessssssss!!! By all means send away!! My story is on the IAS main board under my name but if it isn't there anymore, let me know and I will type it up again. I am all for that idea and am glad you thought of it. Keep me informed.

>>> godfrey <> 05/16 8:57 PM >>>

Sue, I'd like to print all our messages and send them to NIH (National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD), and ask them if they wouldn't like to spend a few of our tax payer dollars researching a 'cure' for adhesions. It only seems like the most logical, humanitarian thing to do. No, you are NOT crazy, you just feel like you are being driven crazy. Hang in there.


Sue Pickernell wrote: >
> Hi out there,
> Its great to be reading all your messages. I now know that the symptoms
> of pulling and burning etc are real !! Doctors don't seem to have
> adhesions in their textbooks as being able to cause anything other than
> obstruction. So how do you try and explain the discomfort of doing
> things like going over bumps in the road when you are sitting in a car
> etc. I got sent to psychiatrists etc also, well thats like squeezing
> the toothpaste tube with the lid still on isn't it.
> And then there will be a few days or even weeks when you feel like you
> can wear something with a waist band again and be able to sit down and
> jump up again without bracing yourself and you think Yes its over I'm
> better ...and then it comes back. So then you even think about
> approaching the medical proffession maybe one more time....Are there any
> surgeons out there who have ever had surgery followed by
> adhesion problems??
> I read Dr Wisemans article through tears.
> Is it OK if I print all your Emails and send them to my Doctors so
> they'll believe me?
> Thank you all so much, Sue
> --
> Sue


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