From: Christine M. Smith (
Fri Jun 11 11:47:50 1999

Hi Beverly:

I'm not exactly sure what you are saying. There is no exclusiveness here, not that I'm aware of. I don't know what you mean about "our group of women". This is why I feel people should respond to someone on the forum, rather by private e-mail. In fact, on other forums you are supposed to ask the person permission via the forum to e-mail them privately. That way if someone takes something the wrong way then comments on it on the forum perhaps others could join in on the discussion and clear up any misunderstanding, rather than have it snowball which is what I'm thinking is going on here. A *forum* is an opportunity for *open discussion.* That is going to include negative comments because not everyone is going to agree with everyone else. If they did, there would be no discussion! I have not read any negative comments about an individual. But this is not a soap box where one gets on, states their opinion on something and then disappears forever. If you post,and especially if you ask a question, you really should respond in some way to the person who answers you. Most of the time this happens. If you post in a passionate manner, you ARE going to get comments, both supportive and what some might call "negative". This is what makes an open forum. It is also my impression that if someone addresses a post to another individual others reading the post are welcome to join in the discussion and not be viewed as "butting in". If this is not desired, then the discussion should be carried on by private e-mail.

Chris S.

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