Re: Comparing Symptoms

From: Laura Newman (
Wed Jun 9 17:19:26 1999

Oh yes B.J.!!! I am swollen like that ALL OF THE TIME!!! In the morning, it IS usually a little smaller but as soon as I get up and start moving around - boom - out it comes!!! Also, I have terrible, sharp, cutting pain when I start to move my bowels. It goes like this: sit until my feet go to sleep and I mean SLEEP; bowels are churning, and something starts; then the SHARP, kill me now pain that stops the movement in mid-move; cramps and more sharp pain; a few bits of stool followed by more pain; finally a little more then nothing else. Now, I need and enema or senakot to REALLY take me over the edge! By the way, I am practically dragging myself back to bed because remember, my feet went to sleep. Sometimes I can get one foot to get to the point it feels like pins sticking me so at least I can hobble with that and then I rub the blood back in once I am in bed!!! Boy, we are coming apart aren't we missy???!!!

>>> B.J. Marra <> 05/03 6:48 PM >>>

I'm curious if anyone has simular symptoms as myself and what is being done for them. I have sharp, stabbing pain in my right side. Sometimes just this pain. Other times, it is accompanied by other symptoms that seem to radiate from this source such as a pulling feeling in other areas of my abdomen. I have incredible lower back pain. Not always-but often enough. When my bowels move, once they hit a certain spot, it really hurts, then stops once they move past that point. (I don't have a bowel obstruction-supposedly) In addition, my abdomen gets all puffy and bloated looking. It's not my imagination, some days it's flat and then others it just balloons right up. Next to my bikini line incision I get a swollen spot about 4" long. It's very noticable and feels like a balloon filled with water! I've also noticed that about the same time each month, I have my worst bouts of pain, usually around the end of the month. Which coincides to the time I used to have my period. Weird huh? Anyone else experiencing stuff like this? Anyway, for those who read this, please respond and let me know if you are having simular experiences - especially the swelling. No one seems to be able to explain that one!


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