Re: Adhesions - What else?

From: Laura Newman (
Wed Jun 9 16:46:04 1999

Dear B.J.: Are you getting any results with the magnetics? I can't believe you were taking a drug with known withdrawal symptoms and they did not give you something to wean you off with and that would curb your withdrawals!! Not too shocking though, given the way we are treated by drs. You are 100% right to say they don't want to deal with us and would like to run for the hills when they see us coming. I am so sick and tired (that's news!!) of being treated worse than a second class citizen (make that all of us) until I could scream. Anyway, feel free to vent to me whenever you feel the need and I shall do the same. I'll add you to my prayer list!!

>>> B.J. Marra <> 05/02 10:13 PM >>>

I've had 8 pelvic surgeries. You know, the usual GYN crap. But it wasn't until the last 2 that I really started having problems. Now I'm like all of you and I hate it. My quality of life stinks. I try so hard to do all the things I enjoy: running, biking, hiking, working out. I'll have a run of good days and think maybe it's going to be ok. Only to be slapped in the face by a reality check. I try to keep my spirits up, but it's hard isn't it? The company I worked for for yrs just left the area and they were real flexible with me and my health issues. Now I have the dilema of trying to find new employment and asking myself can I honestly give them my best? How long will it be before the pain gets the best of me again? It's such a vicious cycle. Has anyone out there had any luck at all with surgery to remove the adhesions? So far all I've read are negative results. I'm currently trying magnetics: I wear one around my waist and sleep on a bed pad with 350 of them in it. Who knows if its working. Anyone else tried magnets? I'm off Lortab which I took on and off for the last 2 yrs. Boy was that fun (the withdrawals)! And you guys are right-most doctors just don't want to deal with you. I was in the ER last Friday and they did absolutley nothing for me. I was in so much pain that I even took my overnight bag, practically hoping they'd admit me and do some extensive tests. Fat chance! I didn't even get a shot for the pain. I guess I'll try a pain clinic. But would really like to hear from someone with positive results from surgical removal of the adhesions.


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