From: sherry (
Wed Jun 9 12:31:46 1999

Bev, I know that my back pain always corresponds to the severity of my adhesions. It is not just the pain but the constant pulling in my back. My range of movement is getting limited. I feel like I know my body and I know when something is wrong. I'm going to my surgeon Fri. and I'm trying to get up the nerve to ask more questions and hopefully get answers. I would like to know if it is beneficial to have the adhesions lysed early before they become too dense. Since I have had many surgeries for adhesions, my experience had always been that I usually wait until I can barely walk and function before I give in. This has only made my laporoscopies turn into laparotomies, sometimes with complications and a longer recovery time. I also feel that pain medication is for people in pain!!! Why are some doctors reluctant to help make life easier for those who suffer? None of us asked to have adhesions, to be in chronic pain or to have our quality of life to diminish. I hope my Dr. listens to me and perhaps together we can come up with some answers. I am very frustrated that I have to constantly fight to have a somewhat normal life. But I am not about to quit. Remember, we are friends who stick together!!! Sherry

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