From: Bev (
Wed Jun 9 11:16:20 1999

What am I hitting!!! It's probably my long finger nails! I'm done for now and maybe if I get e-mail I could give more ideas...bnb@ probably gonna get my head chewed off for this, but...... " chomp " away. I really do think that if people challenged thier DR.s for better care and answers before they agree to something concerning the treatment or diagnosing of adhesions...more would get done! I am still puzzled by the use of the MRI if a person has a history of adhesions and has had a number of tests showing no abnlormal pathology....if it is for back aches...well, get itchecked out and then discuss with the DR. that back aches is one of the cheif complaints of an adhsion sufferer...the DR. will tell you to go see a nuerologist and maybe have a lambinectomy just to be sure it's not your nothing showed you have adhesions and what does someone who has adhesions know. Only that 10 people i have talked to who had low back pain ..BIG TIME, and following an adhesional lysis..GONE!!! Adhesions reform, back ache returns! Dahhh! Oh, well for what it's worth...ask questions and DEMAND answers! Or don't pay them! Bev

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