Re: Cindy

From: Laura Newman (
Tue Jun 8 17:05:18 1999

Dee, your reply to Cindy was right on!! I, too, am experiencing much pain AND I am trying to work (in of all fields as a legal secretary!!) and it is absolutely DREADFUL!!! I literally crawl home in pain but I have to work - we need the money that bad. Have you asked your dr about the implanted morphine pump along with some neurontin(sp?)? That is what I am on along with elavil for sleep at bedtime. It is not relieving ALL of my pain but I am getting 25% relief and for me, that is better than nothing at all!! I do, however, wish they could go higher on my dosing to give me at least 50-75% relief. That is what makes me sooooo mad!!! Pain management drs are supposed to be in the business of managing pain yet they hesitate to use the drugs that are available to them. These drugs were invented for people like us. I do not believe we will become "addicted" like others who are not in our specific type of pain. I believe this is what these drugs were made for. Now, if only we could get them to dispense them like that, I believe our pain COULD be more manageable. I feel as though sometimes they could round all of us up, put us in a camp, and use our pain as a form of torture. For the most part, that IS what is happening to us. Maybe it would take all of us getting together for a march on Washington to bring attention to our plight!! Who knows, if ALL of us showed up, they would see just how many suffer from this DISEASE that's right, I called it a disease - and why not, anything that they have a hard time managing is a disease, why not this, and, if we do this, maybe that would force the medical community and Congress to actually pursue this more agressively. Heck, it would be worth a shot. I should have addressed this to the group in the open forum to see what everyone else thinks; oh well, I didn't and I have to go now but let me know what you think of all of this.

>>> Dee <> 04/23 12:37 AM >>>

Cindy, I just read your letter a little while ago, and really felt like we are in the same boat, so to speak. I too have had several surgeries, and am now going thru the same ole' familiar routine, of having a dr.altho he is a good one, putting me on a medication, and then telling me, that I shouldn't be on it, because it could cause me to be addicted or effect my bowels....just so I await another call from his office as they review my case again, and decide what to do. I was put on the medication to await the Lubricoat Gel that is due out, because he said I had a much better chance, altho he couldn't guarantee it, of not having the adhesions recur,if I waited for the he feels I am taking to much of the medication for the pain, (Lortab 7.5) and doesn't want to give me that anymore,,,,says they are at a loss....they say I either need to do the surgery now, or go to a pain management center. I told them, I don't have insurance for all the things, and was just trying to wait on the I don't know what they will do. The pain is unreal.....I can only be on my feet for periods of time. I have slept in the recliner for the last 3 months, because I can't lay in my bed. SO like you, I do know the frustration......just wanted to let you know, you aren't alone....and I'm sure there are plenty of us...just takes everyone a while to start writing. I didn't plan on it, until I read your message, and knew I could have written it myself, almost, to the T! God bless you! You have my prayers......

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