Re: Hormones

Tue Jun 8 13:50:13 1999

LOL!! Beverly, I see dark humor in you and I appreciate it. I'm a Dr. Redwine patient and I take lots of guff too sometimes. I found the article interesting. I had Ovarian remnant Syndrome. It sucks. It's gone now because I did have a doctor who does challenge himself. Dr. Redwine. I sent you e-mail. You did make an excellent point...most doctors do not look at family history when prescribing estrogen replacement. I do take estrogen replacement because of my family history. It can work reversely. I am not at all happy about the manufacturers of PREMARIN. Nope. Pregnant Mares Urine? No thank you. I've switched to a soy based brand.

Thanks Everyone for their thoughts.


At Tue, 8 Jun 1999, Beverly wrote: >
>I beginning to moan every time I hit that button that sends this message
>in prematurely!
>Anyway....I am very aware and takeing charge of my own health at this
>time. Dr.s wanted to prescribe hormone replacement without so much as
>knowing a family history or my concerns with that history. That tells
>me that I had better be aware of what I need and what i don't need,
>can't always leave it to the DR. I do thank-you for your comments and
>am so happy that this forum is hear to educate adhesion sufferers with
>all kinds of can only help!

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